Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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The origin of ghost bikes. (Those white-painted bikes you see around the city.)
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Street art in the video game Counter Strike.
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works :: projects :: interventions

Interesting pavement drawings made using chalk
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Article 3

Good article about street art and it's history and future, featuring important street artists. Also a good discussion of the internet's role in street art.
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Article 2

Article about the 11 Spring Street temporary museum. A good example of how
street art can cross the line between graffiti and gallery art.
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Articles 1

A great article about anti-street art graffiti. Someone has been going around the city and vandalizing street art others put up in protest.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Camp Schedule: July 9-28, 2007

Week One: Monday, July 9-Thursday July 12 (1-5pm)
Week Two:
Monday, July 16-Thursday, July 19 (1-5pm)
Week Three: Monday, July 23-Thursday, July 26 (1:00-5:00pm)

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, July 27 (3-5pm)
Dress rehearsal for public presentations.
Public Presentations and Reception: Saturday, July 28 (12-6pm)
Exhibition reception & public presentations.


Eyebeam is seeking high school students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) who would be interested in participating in a PAID summer opportunity involving street art. Eyebeam will produce its ninth annual Digital Day Camp (DDC) Program in July 2007, and would like to extend an invitation to any NYC public high school student.

All student participants will receive a $20 per day stipend for each of the full days listed below. Students will not be paid for days/hours they do not attend the program.

Student eligibility:

- She/he is currently enrolled in a public high school;
- She/he can recruit a teacher, school staff member, or community group organizer to fill out the Recommendation form;

- She/he demonstrates an interest in art, technology, and/or social/political issues;

- Students should have an exemplary attendance record and a willingness to learn new things;

- She/he is available for the entire duration of each day at the Digital Day Camp!!!

Previous experience with new media tools and technology is not preferred or a prerequisite for the program. Ideal candidates are interested in new learning experiences and environments and opportunities to engage with different students and local artists. 

Digital Day Camp 2006 will meet at the Eyebeam facility at 540-548 W. 21st Street (between 10th and 11th Avenue).

How to Apply:
DDC accepts 16 students (total) per summer from NYC public high schools. Students must have been enrolled during the 2006-2007 school year.

Students wishing to apply should:
– Download and fill out the Student Application Form
– Find a faculty or staff member at his/her public school to recommend them by filling out the Recommendation Form
– Submit all forms together with a resume (if available) to Liz Slagus via fax (212.937.6582) or email:
– Student and recommendation forms should be submitted together, when possible.

Applications Due:

Thursday, June 22, 2007 (by 6:00pm)

Notification of acceptance to program:
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Liz Slagus:


if you want to see what happened in previous years at Digital Day Camps, check the link below for more information:
and visit the Digital Day Camp 2006 blog


Founded in 1997, Eyebeam is an art and technology center that provides the space and state-of-the-art tools for digital experimentation. Since its beginning, artists, programmers, hackers, activists, technologists, kids and adults have come to Eyebeam to share ideas, find collaborators, experiment with new tools and create new work.



DDC is a digital arts education program for New York City high school students who are interested in experimenting, learning and creating with new technology tools. DDC demonstrates how exposure, training, and creating with multi-media tools can help prepare high school students for productive participation in the digital age.

DDC 2007 will focus on taking art and actions to the streets. Students will engage in urban research in the form of public interactions and street art. Participants study the techniques, politics and groups involved in executing such projects, and learn about the practice and theory behind participatory actions, art, and activism. DDC students will develop individual and team projects derived from their communities and lives. At the conclusion of each week of DDC; the projects will be displayed in n evolving 5-week long exhibition alongside the projects installed in Eyebeam’s 10 year exhibition.